Thursday, 2 January 2014

Day 149 - Temples, Market and the Perfume River in Hue

Another warm and sunny day in Hue so I went to visit two temples in the morning after having breakfast and coffee.

After visiting the temples and having a quick lunch, I went to take some pictures around the market. The market here is very similar to the one in Hanoi but fun to wander around for a bit and take some pictures, not sure I would actually buy stuff there.

After visiting the market it was time for another coffee while watching the sunset by the river. It is quite nice to just chill and not have anything to rush to.

After having a Banh Mi at a very popular street food place, it was again time to chill near the river and have another coffee. In Hue coffee is very popular and drinking coffee is an essential part of the day and culture  so this is why I spend so much time in coffee places. It also helps that Vietnamese coffee is the best coffee in the world if you ask me.

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