Saturday, 4 January 2014

Day 151 - Visiting My Son

Since I was in Danang and had a motorbike to use, I decided to go a bit further afield and visit the My Son ruins. It was good to have been at the Museum of Cham Sculpture the day before for a quick visit though.

The My Son ruins are as the name says pretty much ruins but some of the temples are still somewhat preserved and the rest gives you and idea of how it could have looked like.

Sure, it's no Angkor Wat and most of the sculptures are in the museum rather than here but by visiting both you can get a good feel for the place and the culture who built this.

There are restoration works going on to restore some of the temples and given that some are no more then grass and earth mounds it's probably a good thing to restore them as much as possible.

While the ruins are a bit further afield, the visit is well worth it and the site is small enough that you can cover it quite fast if you want or take your time. It would be good to have more descriptions and maybe photos available on the site here and not have to refer for everything to the museum in Danang but hopefully this will be done in the future.

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