Thursday, 23 January 2014

Day 170 - A Luoi Views

A bumpy ride over a narrow and partly still under construction road from Hue will lead you to the Ho Chi Minh Trail and just a bit to the north lies the town of A Luoi.

While the town itself is nothing special, the valley it lies in provides spectacular views and the small roads leading to the rice fields provide a goo opportunity to see some of the local people.

There are not many tourists here and given that even Vietnamese struggle to understand the local dialect, it makes for a great experience. The locals all seem friendly and specially the kids like posing for pictures.

After taking the wrong turn and having to go a longer way to get here, there was not too much time so I could only take photos in two places before it was time to head back and make it to Hue before it got dark. It is a 160km round trip and over the bumpy road it will take you quite a while to get there and back but it's worthwhile.

I enjoyed the time there and it was great for photography, despite it being a bit brief. Maybe next time I will incorporate it into my journey and spend the night here to have more time for photography.


  1. I like the photos of the rice paddies as well as the the photos of the kids.
    I noticed that "Angry birds" get around everywhere!

  2. Thanks for your comment Kesh!

    The kids were fun despite neither of us understanding each other but they liked looking at the photos of them and posing.
    The rice paddies are really nice mow with the newly planted rice.