Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Day 162 - To Danang and Back Again

Since my visa for Vietnam i about to expire, I asked around and got told to go to Danang to the immigration office and renew it there. Lucky for me it was not raining so I set off in the morning for the 90 km ride to Danang.

I arrived in Danang jut after the immigration office closed for lunch, government officials all over the world needs their long lunch breaks. Since I had 2 hours to spend, I went to take some photos around the market and also check out a camera shop.

The market itself is like all the other clothes markets in Hanoi, Hue and most other major cities but the  more interesting part is outside around the market for the fruit and food sellers.

After visiting the market, I went to the camera shop where I decided to order the Sony NEX-3N camera because it was almost 4 million VND (or $200) cheaper than the RX100 and I am keen on using my Nokton 35mm f1.2 M lens on it. I should receive it in the next day or two. Until then it will be using my Nexus 5 phone for photos.

The trip to the immigration department there turned out to be wasted as they refused to process any application from me and said I need to go through a travel agent or hotel. Well, the trip to Danang was at least nice.
Now I will just have to send my passport to Hanoi and get a new visa before having to go to Hanoi myself and get a new passport since mine will be full after I get another full page visa sticker.

On the way back, I tried to avoid using the QL1A road and used Google to find an alternative route. Google did indeed find an alternative using the QL45 road but this road does not actually exist as shown on Google and all I got was a detour before ending up back on the QL1A road. It was a nice detour admittedly but a detour nonetheless.