Thursday, 16 January 2014

Day 163 - Late Afternoon at the Market

Another rainy day and I spent the morning trying to sort my visa stuff out. At least it should be sorted now.

In the afternoon, I decided to go to another market and take some photos. My new Sony NEX-3N has not arrived yet so all I had was the Nexus 5.

Given, the Nexus 5 camera does ok with some landscape shots in good light or snapshots but it's not really the ideal choice for street photography in low light.

Still, it handled itself pretty well given the conditions and it's limitations. I had to mostly anticipate a shot way before since the AF took a while to find focus and there is always a shutter lag and a lag when changing orientation.
All that considered,  think the most difficult part is the inaccurate finder on the camera software that does not show the full image. I need to be able to accurately frame my shots, which i why I don't like using Rangefinders, so having a different view on the screen than what comes out when taking the photos is not great.

At times I felt like being part of the 'Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera' challenge on DigitalRev TV. Being the only foreigner at the market and holding a 5" phone to take photos also does not really he,p for candid photography.

Still, it was fun and the photos turned out quite well given these were taken with a phone camera under difficult conditions where even normal cameras would struggle.
Hopefully my new Sony NEX will arrive tomorrow to have again a proper camera until my GR gt back from repair.


  1. I like the picture that you took of the watch repairman guy, and the girl in the background giving your smile

  2. The fourth shot from the bottom, the girl sitting by the side of the road, is excellent, Cristi. I also like the first shot with all those bicycles piled high.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Art, the watch repair guy at first gave me a funny look but went back to his business so I could get this picture of him. The girl actually ran away and hid in the back, this is why she was smiling. ;)

    Calvin, the shot with the girl by the road is also one of my favorites.