Sunday, 5 January 2014

Day 152 - Back to Hue

It was a grey day with rain looming but got quite hot and the rain stayed away. Still, it was time to head back to Hue so after having breakfast and coffee I st out for the ride back.

On the way back, I decided to make a small detour to Ba Na Mountain Resort to check it out. Unfortunately, unless you pay 500.000 VND to get the cable car up the mountain, there is nothing to see or do there.

Since I was too cheap to spend the money for the cable car I did just wander around for a bit and set off on my way shortly after.

The sun showed itself after I crossed the Hai Van pass but the clouds remained and since I had zo go on the boring QL1/AH1 road after the pass, I did not spend too much time stopping and taking photos but mostly overtaking buses and trucks.

The evening in Hue was just spent chilling out and relaxing. I will be in Hue for the next days and am currently deciding where to pend Chinese New Year.

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