Saturday, 11 January 2014

Day 158 - Tu Duc Tomb

The last in my tomb series and the last tomb I will visit. The tombs are very nice but after a while they are too similar to warrant going to visit all of them.

This time, I went to see the Tu Duc Tomb and it's one of the nicer ones and also one of the more visited tombs.

It has in parts it's own distinct style and offers a bit more than just the tomb and a temple next to it so you can walk around some more and have almost a small town within the walls.

Not all parts of the tomb have survived the times and some of the former quarters are just ruins but it still manages to give an insight into the former state of this.

Some of you might wonder what my plans are and when I will be moving on to see other countries or if I am staying in Vietnam for now. I love Vietnam and the people here so kind of got a bit settled into experiencing and enjoying the life here but it is time to move on.
Latest after the Chinese New Year I will be heading onwards to Laos and then back to Thailand and continue my trip around the world.

Spending so much time in Vietnam had been great but also means I will most likely cut out another country from my travel plans and  I think India will be the country to be left for another time.
As always, things will most likely change and I might as well write a similar message from India in a few months, who knows. I hope you all are still enjoying my travels, despite me staying in the same place for quite a while now.

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