Sunday, 19 January 2014

Day 166 - Villages Around Hue and an Old Prison

The day started off without rain and even some sunshine so after meeting some friends in the morning, I went for a drive around some of the villages around Hue in search of the 'flower village'.

While I did indeed find the village after some searching and asking around, there were not that may flowers yet. There should be a lot more in time for the New Year Festival though so a re-visit might be in order.

The NEX-3N did a good job at capturing all the views along the way although for some reason it reset itself to JPG only shooting and i only noticed this when copying the photos over to the Surface in the evening.

After going around the villages, I went to visit an old and mostly destroyed prison in the woods near Hue. It was quite interesting although there is only one building really standing and you have to ask for it to be opened so you can go inside and see the cells.

Afterwards it started raining again so it was time for some drinks and  a walk in the evening once the rain stopped although I did not take that many photos since there were not a lot of people out due to the rain earlier.


  1. Hi Cristian
    This is a nice set; I especially like the one with the lady cycling down the rural lane. It seems you're getting on fine with your new NEX-3N. I know it's not a camera that targets the enthusiast like the GR did, but you seem to be able to bend it to your will. Hopefully it will last a little longer.

  2. Thanks for your comment Björn!

    The NEX-3N is a nice camera and quite easy to operate despite it being aimed more at beginners. Have to thank you for showing me your NEX-3 and NEX-5 cameras and that they can actually work and are easy enough to operate.
    The biggest problem is the quite poor kit lens and the huge distortion at 16mm, in-camera correction only goes so far. At least the lens is small and light.