Sunday, 12 January 2014

Day 159 - Rain over Truc Lam Bach Ma Pagoda

Some of you will recognize the pagoda from my first road trip to Hoi An a while ago (if not you can read about it and see the photos here).

The first time round the weather was great but there was not enough time to take the boat over and visit the pagoda so all I had were some views from further away. The, now stolen, GXR allowed me to get some nice close up photos thanks to the Jupiter-8 50mm lens.

This time the day started off grey and dull but undeterred I set out to go and visit the pagoda, this time also taking the boat over to actually see it up close.

Unfortunately on the way there it started raining and it kept at it for most of my visit at the the temple. it was still worth it though as not only is the temple very  ice but the views from and around the temple are fantastic.

The Truc Lam Bach Ma Pagoda is hidden away from the main road and sits in the middle of a lake, you can find directions in Google but need to specifically look for it as it does not appear in Google Maps or an other maps.

Finding it and making the detour on your way to Danang or Ho An is more than worth it, the pagoda is very nice and the views of the landscape around there are also great. On a sunny day you could also be swimming in the lake or take a boat and further explore the lake and the waterfalls around it.


  1. Hi Cristian, I was interested to read that you are now planning to move on from Vietnam, you obviously enjoyed it very much. If I remember rightly, at the start your spreadsheet showed a total trip of 253 days. It must need to be reworked after 8 weeks or so in Vietnam..

    Back here in the UK, I read that Ricoh has discontinued the GXR....

  2. Thanks for your comment Peter!

    I do indeed still enjoy Vietnam very much and have spent quite a lot longer here than initially planned and my trip will mot likely go on beyond the 253 days originally planned and there will be more changes along the way I would assume. Spending the time here was great as it gave me a real insight into the country and people here, something that was not possible at the fast pace I had before but given time and money constraints, I cant do this everywhere.

    It is a shame the GXR got discontinued as the M mount module and the A12 modules showed what was possible but the pace of releasing new modules was just too slow. Maybe the GXR will get resurrected in one form or another in a future product. Ricoh failed to make people understand what the GXR concept was and did not release enough modules, bodies and accessories initially to sell the concept better.

    I hope to get another GXR M mount when I am back from my travels as I really like it and the quality it produces.