Thursday, 30 January 2014

Day 177 - 'Chúc mưng năm mới' or a Hue Happy New Year!

The last day of the old year according to the Chinese calendar and after having quite a long and wet pre-party yesterday, I took it easy during the day and chilled a bit.

It was pretty quiet around Hue for most of the day anyway but once the sun set, people came out and enjoyed some of the entertainment or some last minute sales shopping.

This was also the last chance to pick something up at the flower market and thanks to discounted prices, quite a few people took home some more flowers.

The traffic was pretty much chaos despite the attempts of police to control it but as usual it kind of works and is a controlled chaos. The traffic in Hue is also much easier to manage then in Hanoi and there are also less people on the roads.

To see the fireworks at midnight I chose a place on the other side of the river as so many other people, too. It is the best spot but I did not think to arrange a chair or table to use as a makeshift tripod for my camera.

The fireworks were quite nice and the spot I picked is certainly one of the best places to see them from but you would need a tripod for your camera to take better photos.

The Sony NEX-3N handled it pretty well and the image stabilizer helped but having no way to et the focus to infinity was frustrating and I had to resort to the poor manual focus without distance markings and which focuses past infinity, it was fiddly and not very nice to say the least.

The fireworks tonight also signaled that the end of my Vietnam stay draws near and it will be time to move on soon on the open road and on to new adventures.

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