Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Day 154 - Dien Hon Chen Temple and Gia Long Tomb

Another nice and sunny day in Hue so I went out exploring the surrounding area a bit. First was a visit to the Dien Hon Chen temple that required a short boat crossing to get to the place.

The temple is quite small but nice to see and very peaceful on the hill just next to the river surrounded by fields.

After the temple the next stop was a tomb a bit hidden away and hard to get to. The Gia Long Tomb was until recently only accessible by boat but can now be accessed via a new bridge and a road under construction by motorbike.

The road was under construction and muddy so my bike being clean did not last too long but the trip was worth it. The tomb, while not as impressive as others, is set in a very nice landscape with man made hills containing other smaller tombs.

The guard there and his dog are also both very nice and he is happy to talk and show you around but you need to peak Vietnamese or have someone to translate.

I can recommend going out to see this tomb as its not only free (at the moment) but also sees very few tourists so it's off the beaten path but on Google maps so you can find it.

The pictures today have been taken with the Nexus 5 camera and my GR got a break today. The Nexus 5 camera is not great but does a decent enough job although accurate framing is impossible thanks to Google not showing the 4:3 view of the sensor but crops it to fit on the 16:9 screen.

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