Friday, 3 January 2014

Day 150 - Back over the Hai Van to Danang

Another great day and really warm at that so it made sense to go somewhere with the bike and Danang was the best place.

Last time I went from Hue to Danang and then Hoi An, was the first time I was on a bike so I was driving slower and had more stops to take pictures. This time after over 1000 km on a bike, it was a much quicker ride there.

I even had time to fit some side visits in the journey and visit the temple I saw from the road last time but did not get round to visit. It is still under construction but looks already very nice and the location is great when viewed from the road.

Since the destination this time round was Danang and not Hoi An, I could see a bit more of the city and I do like it. It feels different than the other cities, more modern and maybe a bit like Hong Kong. it seems to be an interesting place and one that most people seem to just travel through but I think might warrant a stay to explore more.

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