Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Day 161 - A Morning at the Market

The day started like the last one ended, with lots of rain. Determined to make more out of the day and take more photos, I went for a walk in the rain before heading to one of the markets in the Citadel.

Markets are always fun and a great opportunity to take photos of interesting people, they have another advantage, most are covered so you wont get wet even if it rains outside.

The downside with these smaller markets is that as the only foreigner you are bound to sand out quite a bit so it's not always easy to get candid shots.

I used the GR for it's last outing before sending it for repair in the afternoon and if you look close you can see one of the problems i had, most photos are out of focus despite me using the Snap AF at 2.5m it did not actually focus at this distance. Since the AF is pretty pathetic in low light anyway and on my camera it was completely broken in the end, I could only hope for the best using this after trying to use the Macro AF.

I have used the same processing in RAW Therapee as for my last market series to keep the theme and make them fit together as a series better.

I will have to use the Nexus 5 for the time being until my GR gets back to me or I decide on which Sony camera to buy. I prefer the RX100 but lean more towards the NEX-3N due to the cheaper price, interchangeable lenses and larger sensor.
But who knows, maybe I will not buy anything and just wait for my GR to get back from repair.

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