Thursday, 9 January 2014

Day 156 - Ming Mang and Thieu Tri Tombs

It's been a grey day with only an occasional break of the sun through the clouds. I decided to go and see two more tombs around Hue. This time it was the Ming Mang tomb first and after on my way back a stop at the Thieu Tri tomb.

The Ming Mang tomb is quite  ice and surrounded by a wall, it has a few lakes and is mostly in very good condition.

It's layout is similar to the other tombs around but due to it all being surrounded by a wall rather than set ib the nature it's kind of easier to see the layout here. This could be a good first tomb to visit if someone is interested in the way these were laid out.

The Thieu Tri tomb is smaller and in pretty bad shape, most of it is falling apart and in the process of being restored.

It is interesting to see the various tombs around Hue but I think it's best to pick two or three of the more interesting ones (I would put the Gia Long tomb on the list) as they are all quite similar so there is no need to go and visit all.


  1. Hi Cristian,
    Very atmospheric set, especially in the magnificent desolation. The symmetrical views work well with the layout of the tombs and I especially like the low to the ground photo focusing on the buckling paving. Sunshine would not have been suitable light for these, so consider yourself lucky :-)

  2. Thanks for your comment Björn!

    I agree that sunshine would have resulted in different pictures so maybe it's good to have the occasional overcast day for some different results.