Saturday, 25 January 2014

Day 172 - Colors of Hoi An and Citiscapes of Danang

Woke up to another great and sunny day so after having breakfast and coffee, it was time for a stroll around Hoi An before heading to Danang.

While Hoi An is also very nice by day, it is not as impressive as in the evening with all the lanterns illuminated.
I took some photos of people but for the selection focused on colors only.

After a leisurely ride to Danang and having more coffee and lunch by the river, I went to the Cho Con market to look around and take some photos.

But what I actually wanted to take photos of in Danang was the cityscape and the Dragon bridge at night. Last time I stayed in Danang, I meet friends in the evening and did not have time or photography.

This time round I had enough time to walk around and take some long exposure photos of the city at dusk and in the evening.
Danang is very nice and feels a bit like Hong Kong in the evening with all the buildings illuminated and the lights of the bridges changing.
At 21:00 you even get a fire and show at the Dragon bridge but I only caught the end to photograph since my battery died  and I needed to charge it. It was good that the Sony charges over micro USB.

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