Monday, 6 January 2014

Day 153 - Tay Loc Market

The weather was great, sunny and very warm but today was all about meeting people. After having coffee in the morning with friends I was invited to lunch and then in the afternoon to a party.

This meant that despite the weather, my time for photography was limited and I only got to take pictures on a short wander around the Tay Loc market.

Unlike the Dong Ba market, this one is not touristy at all and very interesting to see and photograph.

Because it's not touristy, it makes getting candid shots more difficult as people spot you as a foreigner from miles away and are always happy to say hi and have a quick chat or show you their wares.

The people are all very friendly though and it's well worth a visit to this market for a more authentic experience instead of the Dong Ba if you are in Hue.


  1. Are you using a different camera or different settings because your pictures look different?

    They're still good and I enjoyed looking at them

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    I was using the gr but decided to try a different preset (used Faded) for processing in RAW Therapee. The colours and exposure were too different between each of the photos so I wanted to get one look for all and just b&w did not work well enough.