Friday, 31 January 2014

Day 178 - Tết Day

The fireworks during new year, people drinking, going to karaoke places and then heading home quickly after the fireworks at midnight I kind of expected. The day after was what I did not know exactly what to expect.

The first day of the new year starts with everyone going to the pagodas and temples to pray but since I was a bit lazy, I did not go to the pagodas to take photos.

Once people finish at the pagodas, they head home and to family and friends for the kids to receive their Li Xi, red envelopes with money in them. Once enough envelopes have been collected it's time for gambling.

People in the city go to each other's homes and play cards, people in the villages go to the market place to play the local dice games and make or lose money.

It's pretty cool to see and experience, the roads are empty, shops are mostly closed but you can always spot big groups of people and of course balloons in places and know immediately there's some gambling going on.

It's all pretty orderly and it's very interesting to observe and see how many children try to better their Li Xi purses.

The other very popular new year activity is visiting colleagues and friends places to wish happy new year, have some snacks and of course drinks. This is done alone or mostly in groups so if you are home you need to make sure you have some beers and snacks ready and if you are going from place to place, make sure you have some red envelopes with money ready for the people with kids.

It's been a really fun and very interesting day, it also involved quite a bit to drink.

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