Friday, 1 August 2014

Day 342 - Surfing and Evening Stroll

Although I had planned to go for an overnight trip to Jinju today, I decided to go surfing with my friend here since it would be the last opportunity before leaving Busan on Monday.

It was fun as usual and this time round I made a better impression than before although there were too many people at times so you had to be careful not to hit anyone.

It was grey and rainy but this didn't matter while in the water and the waves were pretty decent without being too big for me to manage them.

We had a good time and I'll be back to Busan for some more surfing in the future.

The evening I spent going for a walk around Haeundae and was asking myself why I've not done a proper series on the night life here. I guess it's also something for next time.

There were a lot of people out as usual and it was fun to just walk around and take some photos.

There is a storm coming for tomorrow but I hope it won't be too bad so I can still go to Jinju. Otherwise there will be another series from Busan and Haeundae for you.

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