Monday, 2 June 2014

Blogger Abroad - Back Around the World

It has been a few weeks but I am ready to jump on another jet plane and continue my journey around the world. All family matters and other things have been sorted so there won't be more interruptions before my journey finishes.

While I have not taken many photos over the past weeks, I could not really ignore some photo opportunities and when meeting some friends a photo walk was standard.

This is a post with some photos and thoughts so far, before I'll be heading to Heathrow for my flight to Singapore in order to continue my journey tomorrow morning.

The past weeks have been quite strange and it has been quite a change to be back in Europe and not travelling. It was nice to see family and friends again and good to get some things sorted but I missed the travel, living out of my backpack and not knowing what the next day would bring.

Still, I'll be on the road again from tomorrow. While the first part was somewhat planned, this time round I have it even less planned so there will be a lot more improvising going on and my itinerary will be even less predictable.

For people who are interested in how much a 282 days journey from Europe to Asia, around Asia and back costs, this is a lot less than you would expect.
In terms of transport fares it cost me £3490 (add another £300 for buying my bike in Vietnam), accommodation ran me at £3370 so a total of £6860 (not including visa costs, spending money and rip off bank fees) got me travelling halfway around the world.

My top 5 favorite places are Vietnam, Myanmar, Korea, Japan and Mongolia. Out of all places Vietnam is the best value and Japan the most expensive one. If people are interested I can give a breakdown of costs for each country but this might be boring.

I took around 36,450 photos taking around 760 GB on my external hard drive, out of these I posted 4,387 photos, taking up 60 GB on my blog. The most photos were taken with my Ricoh GR, followed by the Sony NEX-3n, the Ricoh GXR (sadly stolen) and a few with my Nexus 5 phone.

So with this, I will finish this post and say that I am looking forward to the rest of my travels and hope you enjoyed the posts so far and continue following my blog.

If anyone wants to donate some cash towards my trip and to get free ebooks of my 'People with Umbrellas' and 'GRD III - A Serious Compact' books, you can find the donate button on the top right of the page.

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