Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day 297 - By The Beach

After exploring volcanoes, markets and the busy traffic of Indonesia it was time to go where I don't usually venture, to the beach.

From Jogja it's only 30 km to the town of Parangtritis where you can go and enjoy Indonesian beach life.

Now, if you expect anything like the beaches frequented by Western tourists you will be in for a nice surprise and a less nice as there are no girls in bikinis sunbathing. ;)

What you find are mostly fully dressed people of all ages enjoying the waves and shallow water but having a great time at it. You will also see people taking horse carriage rides, flying kites or taking some quad bikes for a spin.

I had a great time wandering around the beach and taking lots of photos with school classes and other groups of people.

Every country is defined by it's people and Indonesia is a great country full of nice and friendly people. The life here is so much more laid back and relaxed than you'll find in Europe.

I am enjoying my stay here a lot and it's certainly one of my top 5 countries I visited so far.

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