Sunday, 22 June 2014

Day 302 - The Way to Mt. Batur

Today was about getting out a bit further and exploring more of the island, the two choices were either go to mount Batur or to lake Bratan. The choice fell on Mt. Batur since I got a nice itinerary, with places to see on the way, from the owner of the guesthouse I was staying at.

I started off by driving north, a similar route at first to the one I've done yesterday. I stopped off though to take photos of the people working in the rice fields and to wander around the rice fields in Tampaksiring.

Wandering around the rice fields in Tampaksiring was next to the cock fights one of the most interesting things I have seen in Bali so far and I really enjoyed it.

Getting to lake and mount Batur was again back to the more touristy side, although the views were great so I didn't mind too much.

When stopping off for lunch, I realised how important it is to ask for the local menu in restaurants if you don't want to spend a few thousand more per dish for the English translation.

The drive around mount Batur and back again was very nice despite the fog that moved in and kind of took away some of the more dramatic views.

While you can go and hike up mount Batur and see the crater, I didn't have the time to do so and decided it is more fun to just drive around on the motorbike instead.

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