Saturday, 14 June 2014

Day 294 - Borobudur Temple

Set off this morning on the bike towards the Borobudur Temple and took the slightly more scenic route there to avoid the main roads and also see more of the landscape and smaller towns here.

The way there was quite nice for most part and the traffic was not too bad. It's definitely worth taking a bike to get around as it saves you money, hassle and shows you more of the country.

Taking my time to get there also meant it was already afternoon by the time we arrived and had to pay the quite excessive entrance fee for foreigners but at least we got a free coffee.

If you expect something like Angkor Wat you will be disappointed but the temple itself is quite nice, despite being small and offers some unique features. The view from the top is also great and almost worth the price alone.

Shortly after climbing up the first steps I got the first idea about how a movie star might feel when out in public as some of the kids approached me to take a photo with me. This was no problem and soon more and more came along for a longer photo session but it was great fun.

The photo sessions continued with almost every single group there but it was nice and the people here are great so I enjoyed this almost more than the temple. If I would have asked everyone for 100 Rupiah, I would have been able to recoup the entrance fee of 230,000 easy and even pay for the petrol to get here.

So overall the temple was nice, the views were great and taking all the photos with the locals was fun. A trip definitely worth doing when you're here.

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