Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day 306 - Das Boot in Surabaya

After arriving late from Bali yesterday, I was not sure if I wanted to stay longer in Surabaya or head straight for Mt. Bromo.
After a visit to the Tourist Information Centre and a browse on Wikitravel, I decided to head to Probolinggo and rent a bike there to head to Mt. Bromo.

Still, since I had time to kill till my train in the afternoon, I went to check out one of the sights in Surabaya, the Submarine Monument.

It was quite cool and I even managed to fit through with my backpack. Since I like industrial things and this is very industrial it was a nice walk through.

Still, seeing submarines, planes or tanks, I always wonder why they spend millions on these but don't hire a single person to help work on the interface and make it simple and easy instead of some random collection or buttons, levers, valves and other things to pull, push or turn.

After visiting the submarine, I went for another walk and had to wait longer for my train since the earlier one I wanted to take was already full.

Once I made it to Probolinggo I figured it would be easy enough to rent a motorbike until I found out hat nobody wanted to rent me one or rent for more money than it would cost to just buy a 2nd hand one.

So after much back and forth, I agreed with a guy to take me up the mountain in the dark on him motorbike although at times I wished I would have been the one driving as I was not always sure about his driving skills.

Still, I made it top Cemoro Lawang and to a guesthouse before finding out that there was no ATM in the town and I had not much cash left.
Lucky for me, one of the hotels there agreed to give me cash back for a payment with my credit card so I was all set.


  1. I enjoyed the tour of the submarine and wonder which camera you used -- the Ricoh GR or Sony NEX?

  2. Thanks for your comment Calvin!

    I took photos with both but the ones I posted here are all taken with the GR and 21mm adapter. The 40mm Nokton was a bit too tight in the close space but came in handy for some close up photos.