Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Day 298 - Keraton

The initial plan was to go and visit the Keraton Palace in Jogja in the morning and take the 20h train and ferry to Bali in the afternoon. While I prefer this route a quick look at flights made this not practical or economical so I booked a flight to Bali for tomorrow morning instead.

I still managed to go and visit the Keraton Palace with some local friends in the morning but having more time meant it was also possible to explore the area around it more.

We even walked past some of the local handicraft shops where they sell the puppets made out of leather.

The walk around was quite nice and I think would be something to do more of next time or if I were to stay longer here.

While the palace itself was nice enough and you get a free tour included in the entrance price, it's not really a must see and I preferred more to explore the surrounding area which is more interesting.

I had a good time in Jogja and could stay longer here to explore more of the city but also more of the area and maybe make my way to the volcano.
Still, it's time to move on and I am looking forward to Bali and see how it compares.

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