Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Day 290 - Volcano and Gardens near Bandung

Bandung initially didn't feature on my itinerary but when my friend in Singapore told me about it and recommended a visit I did a quick Google search. There, I found out about Tangkuban Perahu, the nearby Volcano so figured this alone is worth a visit.

After some research online and asking at the hotel I figured getting there by public transport would be too much hassle so I instead rented a motorbike to drive myself. While I was getting everything sorted I met a fellow traveler from Holland who asked if he could join since he had no plans for the day.

So we set out through the busy traffic and congested roads towards the volcano. Having a motorbike allowed me to get along much faster by squeezing past and between cars although this also took quite a while.

I really enjoyed being back on a motorbike and I do like to navigate the traffic in Asia, it's very busy and kind of no rules but it's also relaxed and exciting.

The volcano was fantastic and the views were great despite some clouds and a rain shower, it's certainly worth the way up here.

After some hiking around the crater and a stop for lunch we set off on the way back but came upon a sign to the floating market so decided to check it out.
While it was not a floating market as I would imagine it and have seen before, it was a nice park around a lake so nice to chill out for a bit.

My plan was to leave tomorrow morning for Yogyakarta but while asking about this volcano the hotel told me about Mt. Papandayan so I might have to give this one a look instead.

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