Monday, 16 June 2014

Day 296 - More People in Jogja

Today, I spent my day mostly at the police station. No, they did not arrest me for speeding or taking photos.

Rather I was helping them and a friend tracking down the guys who had his phone that got 'lost' at the train station.

Thanks to Android Lost app and the Google+ auto photo backup it was possible to get enough photos and location data to help the police narrow down where the phone is.

They were all quite nice and very helpful, not wanting to look bad and make tourists feel unsafe. It was quite interesting but took quite a while to get all forms signed and everything processed.

The good news for him was hat with everything it only took the police a few hours to find the phone so he was reunited with his phone later in the evening.

Since I was stuck at the police station, I didn't have much time for photography but did head out back to Malioboro Road towards the evening for some photography and a stroll.

It's actually quite cool to wander around and do some people watching in the evening when people gather around at the different food stalls or go shopping at the night market.

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