Thursday, 12 June 2014

Day 292 - Train to Jogja

An early start to catch the 7:00 train to Yogyakarta or Jogja as the locals call it. The train was quite comfortable with AC and power plugs for each seat so this was a great start. Oh, it also left on time so this again made a good impression of my first rain journey in Indonesia.

Train journeys are so much nicer than flying and you get reminded how much exactly when you take a journey like this with some spectacular views. Make sure you get a seat on the left side if you can as the views there are much nicer.

The train journey is quite long but the views more then make up for it, unfortunately due to the AC you can't open the windows and lean out as you can in Thailand and Myanmar for example.

After arriving in Jogja and finding out how much exactly a taxi or rickshaw to the hotel 4km away cost I decided to take the bus instead until I came past a motorbike rental place so it was an easy decision.

After checking in and chilling out while enjoying an afternoon tea at the hotel, it was time to head to Malioboro Road and take some photos.

Malioboro Road was good fun and I enjoyed the walk and taking quite a few photos on the way.

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