Friday, 20 June 2014

Day 300 - In Ubud

After getting a taste of the most touristy (and boring) part of Bali yesterday, Ubud seemed different at first with the small quiet streets, less tourists and no western fast food chains and restaurants spoiling the view.

Indeed, seeing al;l the little temples and houses done in the traditional style with statues in front and the offerings was new and very exciting.

It was very cool, were it not for the constant nagging of people if I need a taxi or want to buy other souvenirs.

This is when I got reminded of other places that were once nice but are now ruined by mass tourism where everything is based on tourists and here are too many tourists around.

Although I had a motorbike, I decided to just walk today and get a bit of exercise and a break from being on a bike all the time. This also allowed me to take in everything more.

The last stop was visiting the monkey forest and the temple there. As the name suggests you will find quite a lot of monkeys there, running around and stealing food from tourists who are always surprised if they get hassled by monkeys after teasing them with food.

I am looking forward to explore more of Bali but so far it's way too touristy and does not feel like the rest of Indonesia I have seen at all. In a way it feels like being in Chiang Mai or one of the many tourist resorts in Thailand.

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