Sunday, 15 June 2014

Day 295 - The Way to the Volcano

Sometimes the way is the destination, sometimes the destination is the destination and other times you just end up on the wrong way and there is no destination at all.

Armed with Google maps and a route to Mt. Merapi, the Mountain of Fire, I set off on my rented bike to explore another volcano.

After a very dusty drive on a narrow road behind lots and lots of trucks, I could see the mountain so was quite excited, then the road suddenly stopped and there was no real way forward and Google's suggestion didn't really look feasible since it was narrow path in the woods but still not quite near the volcano.

Well, the bike struggled with the roads and after using Google Translate to ask a guy with a hunting rifle on a motorbike it was clear this was not the official hiking path to the volcano and that this was somewhere different.

The time was not enough to make it back down and all around the mountain before dark so it meant turning around and heading back without the way nor the destination being the destination I had in mind.

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