Monday, 9 June 2014

Day 289 - Leaving Singapore for Bandung

After booking a flight to Bandung late last night for this afternoon, I decided to take it easy in the morning and make the most of the free breakfast at my hostel.

It's funny how people think that booking flights in advance is important or an actual benefit but after flying from Japan, via Korea to Europe and back to Singapore and only booking the flights a few days in advance, I realised as long as you're a bit flexible with the day and time you never pay more.

After enjoying a long breakfast, I met my friend here for a walk and lunch. We also visited the Lavender area and Little Thailand before I had to leave for the airport to catch my flight to Bandung.

The flight with Tigerair to Bandung was comfortable and quite quick, the immigration took ages however but overall it was ok and I was in Indonesia for the first time.

Even just getting out of the pane it was clear that Indonesia was very different from Singapore and while driving in the taxi to my hotel, it became clear that this was more the Asia I liked and wanted to see.

The city was was loud, noisy, congested with cars and motorbikes, a bit messy but it had  a lot character after the too  artificial feeling Singapore.

Once I went for a walk I knew this would be a place I will like, people were friendly, greeting me and smiling. People were whizzing about on motorbikes, it was loud but it had a lot of life and energy.
I am looking forward to explore more of Indonesia.

As a note, for the 2nd part of my trip, I will take flights whenever it makes more sense to save money and time since flying is so cheap in Asia. The initial plan to take a ferry from Singapore to Batam, another 24h ferry (leaving only Wednesday) from there to Jakarta and the train from Jakarta to Bandung just didn't make much sense time or money wise.


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  2. These photos are certainly a welcome change from the sterile atmosphere of Singapore. Looking forward to seeing more from Indonesia.

    I think if you book directly with the airline, what you say about no increase in the cost of a flight is probably true. But when booking through a third party online, it has been my experience that the price does increase the closer it gets to the date of departure. Maybe that is just an American thing, I don't know.

  3. The third last photo is absolutely gorgeous; a feast for the eyes with its textures and play of light and shadow. I think we will have to make it down to Indonesia as well.

  4. Thanks for your comments!

    Glad to see everyone can sense that there is a different atmosphere in Indonesia even just from the photos.
    It certainly feels different and I am enjoying it here quite a bit.

    Calvin, booking is always best direct but even ebookers and similar have decent offers. I always use ITA to get an idea of prices.

  5. Aha... Welcome to Indonesia! Bandung is my hometown, happy to see that you put it in your itinerary (although weekend probably not the best time to visit :D... )

    Bandung's airport is definitely not the best. Rather small for international airport; but nevertheless, is a much better choice for me than coming through Jakarta :-)...

    Anyway, hope you'll enjoy your time there. Looking forward to see more.

  6. Welcome to Indonesia. Can't wait for your next story

  7. Thanks for your comments!

    Bandung is quite a nice place but the traffic and one way streets are pretty bad and take some getting used to.

    The airport is ok and I prefer the smaller, walk on the runway kind of airports although the immigration could be more efficient.

    Thanks, so far I really enjoy Indonesia!