Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Day 305 - Tanah Lot and Uluwatu Temples

Today was my last day in Bali and I booked a flight to Surabaya in the evening, this gave me the full day in Bali to go and see the Tanah lot and Uluwatu temples in the south near the airport.

The weather was very nice although it was a bit too hot and some clouds would have done well as contrast for my photos.

Coming from Ubud it made sense to first head to Tanah Lot and then just before heading to the airport to go to Uluwatu all the way south of Bali.

Tanah Lot is quite a nice temple located on the rock sticking out of the water, there are some smaller temples nearby built on the cliffs that are less crowded and provide a nicer view so it pays off to walk around the area.

After Tanah Lot it was time to head towards Uluwatu temple, this was quite a bit further and past the airport . It is a bit out of the way but I found it very nice and worth the trek if you're in the area and have the time.

While the Uluwatu temple itself is not really that nice, the views of the cliffs and from the cliffs down to the sea are very nice indeed and I would say what makes this worthy a visit.

A funny story from me visiting the Uluwatu temple and something that made me enjoy the visit even more. While trying to take a photo of some monkeys, one of them jumped on my back and while I was distracted managed to grab the bottle water from under my arm and run away with it.
He tried to bite pen the bottom before figuring out how to open the screw top, you can see the result in the photo above.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay and enjoy the sunset because I had to head to the airport and return the bike and get food before my flight to Surabaya.

While I had a good time in Bali, it's a very touristy place and does not feel at ball like Indonesia. I am actually looking forward to return to Indonesia and explore it a bit more, it has more character and the people are more friendly and open (most likely because they don't have to deal with tourists all the time).

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