Thursday, 19 June 2014

Day 299 - Arriving in Bali

Taking the plane from Yogyakarta airport was easy and the flight to Bali pleasant enough. Once you arrive in Bali and leave the arrivals hall you realize how different Bali really is from the rest of Indonesia.

I almost thought I took the wrong flight and ended up somewhere else altogether, everything feels different and the people are also different.

When I landed in Bali, I had no plan at all where to go or what to do so I decided to check out Kuta since it was next to the airport and would give me the opportunity to get a coffee.
Kuta looks like any beach resort in Europe and is full of tourists and western restaurants and shopping. After having an overpriced coffee and checking out a different beach experience I decided that Kuta is defnitely nothing for me and I had to escape to a different place and there Ubud seemed best.

I was glad to escape from Kuta and the closer I got to Ubud the nicer Bali became. I only arrived in Ubud quite late with everything but just going for a short walk it definitely felt like the place to stay for a few days in Bali.

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