Friday, 27 June 2014

Day 307 - Mt. Bromo

After a very short night of about 3-4h sleep, I got up at 3:15 am to go hiking and see the sunrise over Mt. Bromo.

When I started off it was pitch black so the torch on my Nexus 5 came in very handy as came the power bank to make sure the battery won't die too soon.

There was not much of a view while hiking due to the darkness but looking up provided a fantastic view of the stars and I kind of wished I had a tripod to take a photo of it or take a very long exposure of the landscape below.

Still, after 5:00 am the sun started to rise and with help of some high ISO on both cameras, I managed to get some decent first shots of the landscape below and it was well worth getting up early and the effort to hike all the way up the mountain in darkness.

After taking hundreds of photos with both cameras, I just sat there to enjoy the views some more before starting to climb back down and head across the sea of sand for the crater.

It was hot and tiring but the views remained fantastic so the effort was well rewarded. If you like to take photos of landscapes, this is certainly one of the best places to be.

After having lunch and deciding there is not much more for the time being I can do here, I found someone to take me on a motorbike to Malang.
This is not a route most want to take as the road is quite bad and most people here don't have mirrors on their bikes so are afraid to get fined by the police in the city.

The road to Malang was fun and provided great views again, if I do this again I will definitely make sure I rent a bike and come up here myself via Malang instead of Probolinggo.

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