Saturday, 7 June 2014

Day 287 - Gardens By The Bay

The first really sunny and very hot day in Singapore and I was debating if I preferred the rain instead as it was a bit cooler and less humid.

Still, it was a great day to go back and spend more time in the Gardens by the Bay. Before that I went to the Art and Science Museum to see the Annie Leibovitz photo exhibition.

Whether it was the exhibition, the sunshine or me just more used to the place, I was more inspired than in the past days so ended up taking a lot more photos.

While some photos will look similar to those I posted a few days ago, the light was just much nicer and they still fitted in the theme for today.

Since it was the weekend, a lot more people were in the park and especially at the Barrage people were flying kites so it was fun to see.

The light remained great until the evening and the clouds provided a great backdrop with all the different colours and shades.

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