Monday, 14 April 2014

Day 251 - The Green Hills of Gyeongju

I woke up to see green hills (no, not the Windows XP wallpaper!), my hotel was just overlooking one of the parks in Gyeongju and the hills were some of the old tombs of the old kings.

The weather was great so I set off to explore the city and tried to visit all of the main sights in and near the city center.

One of the nicest things for me, next to see how the 'hills'(or tombs) looked from the inside, was to see the old Observatory. It is pretty small for an observatory but I guess at hat time they were not that good at building high towers. Still, it is very nice and has a cool chess piece like design.

Afterwards I did go for a wander around the park and along the road surrounding it to see some of he outskirts of the city.

It was really nice and I enjoyed my day wandering around Gyeongju and just enjoying the sights but also the quiet and calm city.
This and the hotel room being very nice and good value means I will stay for a few extra days here.

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