Monday, 21 April 2014

Day 258 - Grey Skies in Tokyo

Another grey day but at least it was not raining ion the morning so I walked to Meiji Jingu, from there for a quick walk through to Shibuya on my way to meet a friend in Roppongi.

The Meii Jingu is a great temple to visit and it's surrounded by a nice park, it is also one of the main attractions in Tokyo so you are bound to see a lot of people.

Still, despite all the people it makes for a very nice and relaxing visit and the setting is very nice.

After having coffee with my friend at Roppongi, I took the metro to Ginza for a stroll and to go for a quick look at the Ring Cube. The Ring Cube is pretty cool and I will have to go for a proper visit at some point but it was nice to see it and the history of Ricoh cameras.

Just when I left the Ring Cube it started raining so I went around the little alleys near Yurakcho station before going inside the International Forum to escape the rain and from there to BIC Camera right opposite.

The evening was spent meeting Martin, a fellow photographer and blogger living in Tokyo. We didn't have too much time to take photos since it was late and by the time I managed to find a free wifi hotspot and navigate the maze of Shinjuku station to get to the meeting point it was quite late.
We still managed to go around some cool camera shops hidden away in small alleys and non descript buildings.

It was fun and we'll meet again before I will leave Japan.

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