Friday, 25 April 2014

Day 262 - People in Kyoto

A nice and sunny day in Kyoto and I decided to head to the only main place I have not yet been and is the furthest from my Ryokan so did head to the Fushimi Inari Shrine to see the tori gates and do some hiking.

The shrine is very nice, especially with the orange colour of he gates, I ended up taking a lot of photos and despite the masses of people you can get photos without people in with some patience.

Still, despite taking photos of he shrine and tori gates, I ended up selecting only photos with people for today's post.

I took so many photos that I managed to kill the battery in my NEX-3n so had to recharge it during the day.

After the shrine I headed back to Kyoto station and walked from there to the Nishiki Market and finally Gion district in the evening for some more photography.

While charging the NEX camera with my Surface, I did use my Nexus 5 for some photos and now it's actually quite usable thanks to the camera improvements.

Kyoto is a great place and especially the area around the Gion district is great for photography so I will be heading back there tomorrow.

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