Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Day 245 - Melaka along the Canal

Despite having bigger plans for the bike and owner portraits, I decided t put this idea on hold for now and just chill in Melaka.

I just took a walk along the canal to the Pirate Park and back to the old fort. It was a nice walk past some nice buildings and here were also not to many people.

In between waling along the canal, I also headed into Chinatown for another stroll and to take some more photos.

I really enjoy Melaka and although I slightly prefer Georgetown it's a great place to spend time in and it has character so if you need to get out of KL, Melaka is a very good choice.

While I initially planned to head to Singapore and then on to Indonesia, I have changed my plans slightly. I will now head back to KL before flying to Seoul via Hanoi in the evening, although I won't have a visa or enough time to leave the airport in Hanoi.

Indonesia and Singapore are not cancelled yet but have just been moved a bit further back, maybe giving me also he opportunity to go to the Philippines while there.


  1. Melaka is probably the first place that makes me love to travel to small and quite town. It's a nice place to lay back and enjoy the culture.

    Looking forward to your visit to Indonesia... It's always interesting to see foreigner point of views my country :-)...

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    You're right about Melaka, it is a nice quiet place to chill.

    Looking forward to see Indonesia soon, my trip there has been slightly pushed back but I will get there.