Saturday, 26 April 2014

Day 263 - More People in Kyoto

The day started with a visit to Nijo Castle before heading to Higashiyama and then the Gion district. There were a lot of temples and shrines I visited along the way but I decided to focus again on people for this post.

Higashiyama and Gion and probably the best places to visit on a  weekend if you want to take photos of people and see people dressed ion traditional clothes but also modern all mingling together, walking around, shopping and taking photos.

It also means that all temples and shrines will be very busy so you can't really avoid people in your photos, if you want only photos of the temples a weekday visit is better but you'll miss out of the colourful outfits and the hustle and bustle around.

Despite me wanting to spend most time in Gion, Higashiyama was very nice and I ended up spending most of the day there.

Despite only getting to Gion after dark, it is kind of when this area becomes more interesting and people start to go out there.

Again, I realise that there is just too much to see and do in Kyoto so next time I"ll need to focus on one thing and less areas. This way I should have more time to explore the area and take photos.

Still, I have another half day in Kyoto before heading to Hiroshima tomorrow.


  1. Hi Cristian,
    I really love the last shot of the family striding by the posters. The photo has perfect light, shadows and rhythm. The photo of the smoking woman is also excellent, with the illuminated smoke making the profile of her face visible. Good thing you waited for dark to visit Gion.

  2. Thanks for your comment Björn!

    These are also my two favorite pictures, I saw the posters and waited for someone to walk across and had a few people but liked the family best.