Friday, 4 April 2014

Day 241 - More sightseeing in KL

After yesterday, I was determined to go out and take more photos so I stated the day by going to Merdeka Square to see all the old historical buildings around there.

It is a pretty cool place and I like the old buildings surrounding it, however the big road passing through is not that nice.

Afterwards, I decided to head back to KLCC and see more of the park there. The way lead me again past some shopping centers but I briefly walked in to some and took a few photos.

Once I arrived at the KL Exhibition Centre, I noticed a computer and photography fair was on. Since it was free and I had time, I decided to check it out. While I was not interested in anything,  I did like that booth babes are always a fixture at these events even in a Muslim country (good to see religion has not spoiled this).
They also had a lot of offers on and some nice stuff, even Microsoft had a big stand with the Surface Pro and Surface 2 around.
I also checked out the Sigma 19mm and 30mm f2.8 lensesd for the Sony NEX, both were quite nice and very cheap but I walked away without buying any of them.

After walking through the fair, I headed out to the park just before it started raining again and I had to go back inside.

The evening was spent around Chinatown again and taking photos.

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