Sunday, 20 April 2014

Day 257 - From Fukuoka to Shinjuku

I woke up to the view of the tower in Fukuoka harbor and rain, lots of rain. It was a nice enough journey on the ferry, I slept quite well on the tatami mat so wasn't too tired and decide to brave the rain and go out to take some photos.

After having breakfast and ending up at the wrong train station I finally made it to Hakata station for the Shinkansen to Tokyo. My excitement about taking the Shinkansen again quickly dropped once I realised how much a ticket to Tokyo would cost me and that it was actually more expensive than a flight on the same day.

Still, once in the Shinkansen, it didn't matter how much it costs as it's a great experience and actually worth the money, unlike trains in England for example. After a very nice ride in the Shinkansen I got to Tokyo station and from there to the rush in Shinjuku.

Shinjuku is a great place to wander around and, like most of Tokyo and Japan, is unlike everywhere else in the world so you have to experience it.

I also got my new Nokton f1.4 40mm M lens and adapter for the NEX-3n so could use it for some low light photos around Shinjuku. The focusing using Sony's peaking method was nowhere near as easy or as good as using Mode 2 on the GXR Mount A12 but it kind of worked.

Despite it starting to rain, I kept wandering around Shinjuku and if it weren't for me needing to get some sleep, I would have probably continued on for much longer as it's a great place to take photos, as most areas in Tokyo.

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