Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Day 260 - Matsumoto Blossoms

A warm and sunny day with a clear blue sky in Matsumoto so perfect for a walk and a hike around the Alps Park near the castle.

As the name of this post suggest I did take quite a few photos of blossoms but tried not to overdo it with them in this post and it was a lot less then last time in Japan where I literally took thousands of cherry blossom pictures. ;)

The hike to and around the Alps Park was great with great views of the surrounding mountains, the city, trees and flowers in bloom.

Since it was a nice day, people were out, having their Hanami picnics or just enjoy a walk around the park.

I can fully recommend a visit to the Alps Park, especially when the cherry blossoms are out. It's an easy hike so not too difficult but the views make it well worth.

Thye evening was spent walking around the city trying to find a good place for a beer and some snack and I did find a cool place with a full Japanese menu I didn't understand but managed to order a beer and some nice food on skewers so I guess whatever I pointed at was not a bad choice. Not that any food in Japan would be a bad choice so it's safe to point at random things and know it will be good.


  1. chris from Shanghai04 June, 2014 17:24

    Well I remember with a friend after a couple of months only in Japan where we went to a Japanese restaurant and starting to point different things in the menu we could not read, also hoping for nice surprise food.
    After a while, the waiter told us:"you know you are pointing at the drink menu right?"

  2. This is a very funny story and actually not that unusual from my experience in Japan. Still, it's what makes travelling through exotic countries the more fun and interesting. :D