Monday, 7 April 2014

Day 244 - Melaka and Bikes

My plan initially was to only focus on the bicycles and their owners but then I felt like I would miss out on seeing more of Melaka.

Still, in between my other sightseeing I always tried to get a few of the very interesting bicycles and their owners in my photos.

Despite the red church being one of, if not THE, most famous landmarks in Melaka, I didn't post any photos of it yesterday but I did  not have any that I really liked.

Looking through the photos I selected, they all fit into either red, yellow, blue or a all of these three colours.

The colours are also part of what makes Melaka so interesting and give it character, most buildings have their own colour so it's very nice to wander around.


  1. Did you get a ride in that? :-)

  2. Unfortunately I didn't have a matching pink outfit with me so had to pass up on a ride in one of them. :)