Monday, 28 April 2014

Day 265 - A Grey Day in Miyajima

It started raining late last evening and the morning didn't look any more promising. Since this was the only full day planned for Hiroshima, it made sense to head to Miyajima for a visit in order to have enough time there.

After a short ferry ride and once you exit the terminal you'll be greeted by some of the ''locals' on this island and one of it's attractions, the Myiajima deer.
At first tourists really like them, pet them and take photos until they find out that the deer will eat anything (but mainly paper) that it not stowed away well enough, they even take it out of bags and pockets if it sticks out at all.

Once you made it past the 'deer welcome committee' you'll arrive on the main shopping and food street. This is a very nice street and full of souvenir shops, restaurants and places to get snacks and 'stuff on sticks'.

Now, if you made it past all the food stalls and souvenir shops you'll finally arrive at the main attraction on Miyajima, the famous red torii gate built in the water, when the tide is high at least. When the tide is low you can walk all the way up to it so this is pretty cool.

Unfortunately, what was just a few rain drops earlier started to become more of a downpour as the day progressed so the planned hiking to the top of the mountain didn't quite happen but in it's place was a visit to the Daisho-in temple, which is pretty cool and worth a visit no matter the weather.

The rain stopped briefly but set on again just as I got to the ferry but it made for some dramatic views over Miyajima on the way back.

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