Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Day 259 - A Day in Matsumoto

Took the train from Tokyo to Matsumoto in the morning hoping to catch some of the cherry blossoms there, it was also one place I have not yet seen in Japan.

Coming from Tokyo, Matsumoto is very quiet and a small city making it easy to walk around everywhere. The views from the train were already nice with the Japanese Alps in the background with their snow covered peaks.

The good news was that the cherry blossoms were still out here so it would make for some nice photos during the stay here.

Matsumoto castle  is also very nice with the backdrop of the mountains and the big moat around it.

While some places lend themselves more to people and street photography, Matsumoto is a bit more about the landscape, cherry blossoms and the castle.
I am looking forward to go for a hike around the Alps park tomorrow for some more cherry blossom photos and to get a better view over the surrounding landscape.

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  1. Great pic's as always. Its to much to comprehend but still thanks for showing us.