Sunday, 13 April 2014

Day 250 - From Seoul to Gyeongju

A warm and sunny day in Seoul and it had to be the day I decided to take the train to Gyeongju, or I actually decided to take a ferry from Incheon to Jeju Island but it just so happened that the ferries were not running on Sunday. So Gyeongju which was the initial plan according to my spreadsheet got the nod.

Still, since there were a lot of trains from Seoul to Gyeongju, I took my time and went to enjoy the sunny weather in Seoul and take photos.

I will miss Seoul as it's the city with the most coffee shops and restaurants I have seen anywhere in the world so far. You can find a coffee place every few meters and all look very nice, the same goes for restaurants but this also makes deciding where to go difficult.

After a very enjoyable train journey and a quick change, I arrived in Gyeongju just before sunset so I took a walk to the hotel while having a quick look around the city.

Coming from Seoul, Gyeongju was quite a change. It is a much smaller and quieter city but it was nice and chilled out so I did like it.

I didn't get to explore it that much though so will have to wait till tomorrow to really explore it.

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