Sunday, 27 April 2014

Day 264 - Kyoto to Hiroshima

The morning was set aside from visiting the main temples in north Kyoto since they were close to the ryokan so it made sense to do this before heading to the station for the Shinkansen to Hiroshima.

The first stop was the Golden Temple or Kinkaku-ji, it was packed with tourist groups though so not much chance to enjoy the view and have some serenity. While it's a nice enough temple and one of the main sights, it is not the nicest in Kyoto and a bit overrated.

The next stops were the Ryoan-ji rock garden, which is nice and despite the tourists a bit more quiet and peaceful, and the last stop in Kyoto was the Ninna-ji temple, a nice temple to visit overall.

After a quick and very comfortable journey in the Shinkansen, it really is the most comfortable way to travel and I wish there would be a Shinkansen going around the world, I arrived in Hiroshima.

After mostly budget accommodation it was nice to have a hotel that was nice and well located without costing too much. It was right next to the peace park and offered views over the A-Bomb Dome and the river.

While the A-Bomb Dome was the first thing for me to see in Hiroshima, I soon started to focus on the people around and capture more the current life in Hiroshima rather than the past.

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