Sunday, 6 April 2014

Day 243 - Bus to Melaka

Since there were so many buses leaving towards Melaka and the journey being under 2h, I didn't have to rush in the morning but could take it easy.

By the time I got to Melaka and to my hotel it was shortly after lunch but this was not a problem. The first impressions of Melaka were very positive although I only saw it from the bus to my hotel.

The city seemed very European at first with the church, the small windmill, the Portuguese ship and the Stadthuis all feeling a bit out of place but also gave the city a lot of character.

Walking around Chinatown felt a lot like George Town but also different enough to make it interesting. After KL this was a great change and I enjoyed walking around a lot.
Another thing that gives the city a lot of character are the bikes you can hire to drive you around. All of them are decorated with a lot of pink and Hello Kitty themes and some have loud music and fairy lights. This is really cool and if I stay longer I will definitely do a whole series or book on each and every one of the guys with their bike.

Since it was the weekend, they had a night market on Jonker Walk and some entertainment by the locals singing their favorite songs on stage.

The first day in Melaka was great and I was happy to be out of KL and in a smaller place with more character and more things to see and take photos of.

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