Thursday, 24 April 2014

Day 261 - Matsumoto Morning and Kyoto Evening

Another nice and sunny day in Matsumoto although it was time to head to Kyoto in the afternoon. The morning was therefore spent visiting the castle properly.

They say the best camera is the one you have with you but it's only the best camera if you actually remember to charge the batteries, otherwise the best camera is your phone.

Taking the train to Kyoto was again very nice and smooth with the usual comfortable and punctual trains.

Once I arrived in Kyoto, it was a big trek to the Ryokan in the north part of the city. This and the way back to the center by bus took quite a big part of the afternoon so it was dark by the time I was back at Kyoto station to go for a walk around and take some photos.

Kyoto being a bigger city than Matsumoto meant there was a lot more happening and a lot more people around even later in the evening so it made for better photo opportunities.

It was great being back in Kyoto since it was always my favorite city in Japan that I visited so am looking forward to spend some more time here. over the next days

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