Friday, 18 April 2014

Day 255 - Sunny Busan Afternoon

I started the morning with a walk along the market near my hostel before heading to Haeundae to go explore the area and also visit both of the GoEun Museum of Photography locations, although they were more galleries and exhibition spaces.

The day started off cloudy but the sun kept peering through and finally came out early afternoon. Still, the clouds made for a nice backdrop while walking past some of the skyscrapers along the Haeundae waterfront.

It is quite interesting to see Haeundae and compare it with the Dong-gu area where the Busan train station, Chinatown and my hostel were. Haeundae is more modern, full of tall steel and glass buildings where Dong-gu is older with smaller buildings.

Haeundae market feels most traditional and most like the Dong-gu area but it's onlyu one small street lined up with many fish and eel restaurants.

After walking around Haeundae and the beach for a while, I headed to Dongbaek park and even managed to visit the APEC house.

The evening was spent again with my friend catching up and enjoying a great meal in one of the eel restaurants.

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